Lory ANN Lyrics
Lory ANN Lyrics

      I didn't wanna write to you anymore

        But I wanna tell you what I feel

             There is nothing on earth

              More beautiful than you

            You're my star in the night

             My lighthouse in the sea

               You made my life full

              Of joy and happiness

             You made me feel alive

             I didn't ask more than

          A little piece of your heart

         To make me feel alive again

              And I don't know how

                  To wake up now

                My heart in pieces

                 I'm broken inside

             Breathing is killing me

         My eyes burning to stay open

           For looking at the emptiness

             I'm falling down into void

        Since you left me without a word

          I crumble since you judge me 

       Not good enough to share with you 

                  A simple cup of tee

                And I don't know how

                    To wake up now


                         Lory ANN